Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yellow Dress

   Yes, I changed my banner again, I really liked the other one but I felt like it didn't really belong to me. I hope you guys like the new one! Tell me what you think!
    This is my new yellow dress, I got actually quite a while ago and haven't worn it yet, so I was excited to finally put it on! It hasn't been that warm so wearing something like this was sort of out of the question haha! Later I wore it with a belt but I forgot to wear it in the pictures...oops!


Sorry for the creepy, chipped nail polish!

♥ Dress: F21
♥ Shoes: GAP (very old)
♥ Ring: H&M
♥ Earrings: F21



Emma Robertson said...

Love your new banner, it looks great! Also, that yellow dress is amazing, you look lovely as always.


Sierra said...

I love the new banner! The yellow dress is so pretty. I love the style. Definitely something I'd wear, lol

Noora said...

The design of the dress is really cute, I love the buttons! You are so like a 60s girl! 8)

(and thanks for answering to my question, I was wondering if it were taken in photo booth or something (I also have mac computer) but it seems to be that I don`t have the similar mode on my mac... maybe I`ll check it still once! thank you!)

Brynna said...

Cute dress and I LOVE that ring!!

Marion said...

Love your dress, you look so lovely ! And I like your hair, it's so long, I wish I had the same.