Monday, January 24, 2011

Some of my Illustrations

So right now I'm going through the process of applying and transferring to an art school and I'm pretty excited and nervous! The following pieces are some that are going to be in my portfolio, and I'm feeling nervous about showing it, and I feel like it might not be good enough. But I know it's mostly because I'm nervous and thinking I'm not good enough for the school, but before I felt really confident!!!! I just need to calm down. Anyway, the first two I'm not very fond of because they are oil paint, and it's not really my forte, but I'm putting them in because it shows that I'm able to use other mediums! So anyway, I just thought I'd share these, even though I think I've shown these before but..oh well! Enjoy!

 The following ones are all mostly colored pencil, pen/ink, and watercolor, and pencil

 This one down here was a school project that is a copy of one of Leonardo Divinci's and we had to re-draw it and use coffee to paint, ink, and salt for texture.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Here was my Friday outfit! hehe, please ignore the state of my hair, it was still wet! And go look at my food blog here and subscribe!!

~Jacket: H&M
~Sweater: Gap
~Dress: Urban Outfitters
~Tights: Anthropologie
~Shoes: Dr. Martins


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Outfit Today!

Here is my outfit today! I went to IKEA today with my mom and boyfriend and got some organization things for my room! I will take picture of my room when it's fully ready, I've been moving furniture around, and it looks SO much better! Anyway, don't freak out if you think my hair is short in these pictures, I just tucked it up in the hat! hehe

~Dress: American Apparel
~Trench Coat: Target
~Pants: Urban Outfitters
~Shoes: Vintage
~Hat: H&M


Monday, January 10, 2011


Here's a little picture tutorial for luscious, smooth waves! 
Step 1: I put these two products in my hair, because quite simply, they are amazing! You can use any styling cream that makes your hair shiny, and a thickening spray, for your roots. 
     Step 2: find some rollers! These are vintage ones in an adorable kitty bag, that my sister gave me for Christmas!!!
 Find a nice brush too!
    Step 3: Comb your hair through after you've put the products in!

 Step 4: Part your hair to the side, for a retro look (P.S. the white flecks in my hair are from the styling cream, in case you were grossed out! HAHAHA)
   Step 5: Start rolling pieces of hair, so that they turn under like the picture bellow ☟
   Step 6: find a nice hairspray that you can comb through, this one is a nice one!! And spray all over rollers! And also when you take them out!
   Step 7: Take rollers out and gently comb through with a flat brush, then tousle your hair
  Et, Voila! You will have full, wavy and luscious waves in no time!
   Now onto something else! I got a sephora gift card from my boyfriend's mom! And this is what I bought!!!
~NARS: Orgasm blush
~Urban Decay palette
~And a great foundation brush that I am REALLY loving!!!!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Check out my other blog!

Cyrous and I are starting a new cooking blog! I just posted our 1st post, so go check it out (here) and follow! :D