Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cozy stuff

I know you guys can't see half of this video so if you click on it you can just watch it on my youtube page! I'm nerdy and can't figure out how to expand this area, so that you can see the whole thing so, bear with me hahaha!

Things I did this weekend (starting from Friday):

Friday, I woke up late, ate yummy chicken tortilla soup with Cyrous, from Whole Foods, Looked at stores and wished I had tons of money to buy, said "things", then we went to The yummiest Mexican place with my parents called Dona Tomas, then we stayed up late watching a movie called Lonesome Jim, and on Saturday woke up ate breakfast, then ate an omelette and tater tots with Cyrous, that we made, for lunch, then we did homework for really long, while it hailed SOOOO much outside, that we ran out in the cold just to see it, then we ordered Indian Food to go, I ate too much butter chicken, then I continued eating popcorn with peanut M&M's, and we watched Remember Me, and 28 Days Later, which is really scary, then Cyrous and I had a sleep over and when we woke up on Sunday we made a butt load of waffles, and then I went to Target and wandered around by myself for probably 2 hrs, then Whole foods to get dinner stuff.

I basically spent my whole weekend eating too much.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fairy Lights

My sister gave me this little box of cuteness a long time ago and I actually forgot that I had it! What a nerd. It has this collar, and fake cuffs and you can put it under a sweater, and it magically looks like you have a fancy shirt underneath! So anyways enjoy my goofy pictures of my in my room! Oh, and click on all of them for a larger viewing!

~Dress: Forever 21
~Sweater: Target
~Fancy add ons: Forever 21
~Tights: Target

P.S. sorry, but no shoes today lol!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I've been wearing a lot of navy blue lately, and I didn't even realize until I uploaded these pictures and I almost couldn't tell which day was which! ahha. Anyway, the first outfit I don't have as many pictures of because it was one of those days where I couldn't look decent in any of them, so these two were the best I could do.

~Dress: Marc Jacobs
~Shoes: Sundance

This second dress, is one of my favorites, it looks incredibly flattering on (I must admit ;D) the only stupid thing is, all the buttons popped off, because I'm SO busty(not) and I have to use a little cat pin for the time being, because I'm to lazy to mend the buttons. But honestly, what should I expect from a Target dress?

Second Outfit:
~Dress: Target
~Shoes:Suer old Target shoes
~Cat pin: H&M, I believe


Monday, November 15, 2010

Makeup I use everyday

Everyone knows I love makeup... like A LOT! But I don't always go crazy everyday with my makeup, but sometimes I do. Well.... when I'm more low key and at school or just a boring day these are my essentials. Some of the following products change over time because I love trying new products but the actual makeup items are always the same. So here we go! I hope you enjoy!
This perfume is my favorite, I don't always wear perfume, because sometimes the smell is too much for some days. For an alternative, more low key smell I wear really nice smelling lotion instead when I'm not in the mood. The lotion I use is a Burt's Bees body lotion with a milk and honey scent.
This palette is from the Pixi makeup line from Target, and it's an all in one: blusher, bronzer, and highlighter, I also like mixing them all together for a nice shimmery glow!
I have used SO many mascaras, probably every drugstore brand possible! I can never really stick with one though. This L'Oreal telescopic mascara, I've used maybe twice and it's pretty good, I'd say one of the best. But when I need new mascara, I'll probably try another one when the time comes :)
I really like this M.A.C. concealer, and I'm almost out of it and curious if their other concealers are as good or better... if anyone knows, do tell!
The image of this is really tiny, sorry for that, I couldn't find a better one! But anyway a little trick that I do (and I'm not sure if it's considered a "trick" but it may be a little unusual) is I wear lip liner all over my lips and that's it, no lip gloss, lipstick, nothin. I think I like the fact that it stains and it's really matte. I use this Maybelline one in Pink 15, it's a tiny bit more pink than my natural lip color, so it almost looks natural! I recommend trying just liner for a change!
I basically wear liquid eyeliner everyday, I have been since I was 16, so for about 4, almost 5 years! I've also used quite a variety of them, and right now I'm using this one, which I'm not so sure about yet, I don't like the applicator tip, it's too wiggly and I feel like there is no control, but anyway, I love liquid, cat liner!

And finally I love using tinted moisturizers, because I hate too much foundation coverage! and I love this Sonia Kashuk one from Target, it's very sheer and illuminating!

Anyway, hope you guys liked that and tell me what beauty products you guys like to use everyday!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

More photos of my outfit + my sister

Here are some more pictures of my outfit, with my sister

p.s. I think if you click all of my pictures you can see them up close!



Hello! I finally feel better, just a little cough now, but unfortunately, Cyrous caught it and he doesn't feel too great :( so it's another weekend of homework, pajamas, eating, and watching movies. Which I'm actually fine with haha!
This is what I wore yesterday, it's a little kooky I guess but, sometimes I like to play around with poofy skirts and wild stripes! Oh, and yes, this sweater has holes in it because I've had it for soooooo long, I just can't get rid of it because it's my favorite sweater!!!

~Pinkish, sheer dress: Vintage 50's
~White skirt underneath: Anthropologie
~Sweater: GAP
~Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink Tuesday

Hey everyone! Today's outfit is what I call a comfortable, Tuesday, school outfit. It's pretty casual, but hey, it's what I wore today, and that's what you're gonna see! haha! oh, and my naturally poofy hair!

~Sweater: Gap
~Jean dress: H&M
~Tights: Target
~Shoes:Mizz Mooz (Nordstrom)
~Belt: Target