Thursday, August 25, 2011


       Hey everyone! So, Today I was inspired by Pocahontas; not the Disney one but the real one. Most people know she's a real person, but just incase, I thought I'd get that out there! Anyway, ever since I was little I've loved Native Americans, My sister and I would play Native American girls all day outside, making bamboo things and smashing acorns. When I found out that on my mom's side, has Native American ancestors I was super excited! Obviously I don't look Native American but today I was inspired by how their hair and jewelry is. I didn't take many pictures but these were some of the best, ahha!

  I loved this movie about Pocahontas, it was called "The New World" I loved it, it was so beautiful!

But let's face it, I was also inspired by the Disney one, (hence my necklace similarity) HAHA



Colleen said...

I love Pocahontas! You look really gorgeous

Anonymous said...

The real Pocahontas was only a little girl when she met John Smith but they always make her older in the movies... In real live she and John Smith weren't actually romantically involved. Kind of a bummer that the movies aren't true to life :(

Caitlin said...

Yeah, I know, I've read a lot about her. Of course hollywood tries to make everything romantic and unrealistic. But the thought of it just as a made up fantasy is sort of fun to imagine!