Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Recently an amazing clothing company called Sugarlips sent me this really pretty dress! It's such a nice, comfortable dress for the summer. When you put it on it's instantly stylish!! Thank you Sugarlips :)
 I wore this Egyptian necklace with it too!

The top part was a little big on me...I got a medium, but that's okay, you can't really tell I hope!

I also tied this fabric belt around to add some color!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Polka Dot Nails

Here are my most recent nails! It's so easy and so fun!!! I'm definitely going to do it again, maybe with different colors!

You can use a small nail, or needle for a tool to make the dots (if you don't have a nail tool haha). Just stick it into an eraser and it makes perfect dots!!!

Use any colors you want, and put them on paper so you don't have to stick the nail or needle into the bottle! Also I recommend using one color at a time, and then wiping the color off the tool after, so the colors don't mix!!

These nails reminded me of this Book! hehe

After they all dry completely then put clear nail polish over it!



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Crazy.

     Hey guys, so by now you probably think I'm insane.....but I'm going to continue to blog on my original blog here!!!!! I feel like I'm losing a lot of followers, and also I've been getting business inquiries from this blog, and it's weird to tell them I have a new blog. So, since this blog is pretty established I guess I'm going to stay here after all!

    I reposted all of the posts from the other blog onto here so that I can continue to accumulate more interesting posts on here! I hope none of you think I'm too crazy! I promise not to be crazy again haha!

Thanks for sticking around, during my crazy blog crisis! :D


Face of the Day

So here is what my makeup looked like today; it's very soft but defined eyes, and rosey cheeks! 
Basically all of the products I used are from my huge Sephora palette, except for my primers, foundation, concealer, eyeliners, and mascara! 

I know I was saying that I wanted to have a tinted moisturizer, but it seems I need more coverage and something to control oil so I got a new Revlon Colorstay!!! I had one before and I liked it but the color was a little too pink, so I got the color Buff instead, which has a more yellow undertone! And it actually looks like my skin!!!! 


Neon Yellow Nails

 Since neon is a big trend this season, I thought I'd show and review this nail polish that is very neon yellow! I actually bought this last summer (ahead of the trend! oh yeah!) so I don't know if it still exists! But I bought it at forever 21 for $2.80...pretty good I suppose.
      For some reason in these photos they don't look very neon, but I promise they are. They're actually blinding me right now as I type!!! So, I'll just jump right into reviewing it!

Love & Beauty Nail Polish in "Neon Yellow"
~ Cool color, very neon!

~You have to do a lot of layers to make it look good!
~ It's streaky!!!
~ And since you have to do a lot of layers it chips off faster, because of the thickness :(

Grade: C-

The picture above, is only once coat, and you can see how weird and streaky it is!!


Bright Pink Eyeshadow Look

For a very fun Summer time makeup look, just follow this step by step tutorial!!
So, you can use any bright color you want, I used a bright pink!
(This is an E.L.F. palette)

            1.) Start by putting an eye primer all over your lid. I used Urban Decay, Primer Potion.

2.) Next, apply the color on your lid. Really pack it on so it's vibrant!!

3.) Now get a piece of paper or tape, and line it up under your bottom lash line, out towards your   eyebrow. Then place the shadow densely on this line.

     4.) Tidy it up if you need to, but it should look something like this! By the way don't bring the color very far past your crease!

    5.) This is optional, but it looks nice...You can apply yellow, or any other color, just along the edge of pink to soften it!
           6.) Now use any eyeliner you want, I recommend using a gel liner, or liquid for this look!

7.) Now start to make a small cat eye, you don't want it to compete with the straight edge of the pink!

                                       8.) Now apply Mascara to the top and bottom lashes!

             So, there you have it! The look is complete! I hope you liked it and maybe you'll give it a try!


New Makeup

  Over this weekend, all I have been doing is studying for my finals, so I thought I would take a break and treat myself to new Summery makeup!! These are all great products for the summer because they are light, and no too heavy...and some stay put in the heat (like Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow). So anyway, here they are below, and I also did a few swatches!
(Rimmel mascara/Scandaleyes,  in extreme black)

(Jemma Kidd Tinted moisturizer, Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow/ in "Bad the the Bronzed", eos, strawberry lip balm)

(Maybelline eyeliner/ Iin "Bold Brown", L'oreal concealer/ in "Fair)

(Swatch of Maybelline, color tattoo)

(Below another swatch of eyeliner and eyeshadow)


ipad love

So, some exciting news...I recently bought an ipad 3, and i love it SO much!! It is so amazing and the HD quality is amazing as well! I mainly got it for my illustrations, because there are some really great apps for art and they are not very expensive! I also got a stylus, so I can draw more precisely, and I really like it (it's a Targus, stylus, incase you're interested)
       I got sketchbook Pro, and I can't believe how cool it is, and what it can do!! Below are some things I've been working on, I took a picture of my original sketch with the ipad camera, and put it into the Sketchbook Pro app, and it's so fun to use this medium for a change, instead of gouache and watercolor (even though I still love doing it by hand). Anyway, tell me what you think! If you have this app, do you like it?

~ Caitlin