Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitty Brooch and Recent Things

So, I've made another brooch for my Etsy shop! This is the first time using paper clay (which is what it is made of) I was using this sort of as a practice, before doing another pretty exciting project, but it actually turned out really cute! I hope you guys think so too! I hand painted all of the little details, and put a felt backing with a sewn on little pin. 
 photo file_zps8c69f63f.jpg

 photo file_zpsa23a4980.jpg

 photo file_zps4fb77230.jpg

Also lately, I've been working on a bunch of projects at once, I'm making a new header for my sister's blog, a custom portrait, and a secret project that I will reveal on here soon! It's so cute and I'm really excited about it!! I'll give you a hint, paper clay is involved!!

On my free time, I've been doing pretty lazy things...but today in the mail I got my guilty pleasure magazine (I don't always like mainstream magazines, but for some reason, I like this one!), and my favorite product ever, Moroccan Oil!!!!! I ran out a few days ago, so I was panicking that it wouldn't get here soon enough!! haha!
 photo file_zpsd2032c8f.jpg

Also, I forgot to do a post about my previous nail art, but if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I had cute little kitties on my nails! I've obviously been cat obsessed recently! But I changed them again to these colors below, I thought theses colors looked interesting together. I've also been wearing my birthstone ring a lot lately, maybe because it's getting close to my birthday!?
 photo file_zps2980ee26.jpg


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Nancy Wilde said...

Such a lovely brooch *swoon*