Thursday, November 8, 2012


Here are a few pictures of what I've been doing recently, including a couple outfits!

I'm working on a fairy tale series of illustrations, and the first one is Little Red Riding Hood, which goes along well with my mom's adorable red cape she made for her Etsy shop, check it out here!

                                        I got these new candles that drip colored wax!
                                                        Fall Hats, and dark, Fall lips!

                                                                    New Fishnets!

                               (Green Sweater dress:H&M//Fishnets:Target//Hat: was a gift)

                                                                       Soft Yarn

                                                     Yummy, pumpkin whoopie pie

                                                                     Festive Tea

                                                            New Projects for Christmas gifts :)

                       (Sweater:Forever21//plaid shirt:Target//Boots:Target//Shorts:Anthopology)

I finally can finish this crochet scarf below, because I finally found the yarn!!! I'm so happy because I ran out and I couldn't find it anywhere! YAY!


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