Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Wants

   Hey guys! So lately the weather has been sort of annoying and I'm in that weird "in between" phase, where it's a little too cold to wear full on spring/summer clothes but not super cold either! Ugh, so I've been wearing really weird stuff lately, and dreaming of light summery clothes! So here are a few things I really want, and a few I'm planning on buying soon!

     This American Apparel skirt, that I'm probably going to buy tomorrow! :) It's so cute, I can't wait to layer it over stuff, and it looks so dreamy and magical right?
Below is a pretty good picture of what I want, which is a dress that looks a lot like a slip! I couldn't really find a great image to show, so this one will do. There was another shot of this dress, and it's really long, which is what I want also. I really like the tiny strap!


Again, my obsession with upper arm cuffs! I don't know where to find an inexpensive one, that isn't cheap metal! Any suggestions?!!!!
I'm also thinking of getting this perfume from, L'Occitane, it's a citrus smell, which is really fresh and light! I wanted to switch up my perfume because I have Dior Cherie, which I really like but it's too musky for summer!

Okay, so I also want to get a skin toner, and I saw this one today and it looks and smells nice, but I have never bought a nice toner before so I'm not sure.

Because I also saw this one at Whole Foods and it seems good, and the reviews for both look good so I don't know!! I also really like the packaging, it's just glass, and it looks really cool haha!


Jessicat said...

ahh, garden tomato toner! Sounds amazing! I use one from Lush which is really nice and just tea tree but I think if i had the option I would totally get that tomato one! I am not even going to allow myself to make a wants list at the moment, so as to make myself forget that I want so many things!

Elle said...

I LOVE L'Occitane perfumes, always such a nice experience going in their stores too. Fleur Cherie is gorgeous, hoping to buy some for summer. Haven't tried the citrus one so will have to have a test!

Elle x

Jessicat said...

(p.s. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog)

Kellie W. said...

That skirt is so pretty, I hope you get it! :) I love how sheer it is, perfect for layering!

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

I like that dress. Seems so fresh for those hot days! Im sure you can rock them =)

RSA Now said...

Oh my gosh I have the same obsession with upper arm cuffs! They're SURPRISINGLY hard to find though :(