Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little random update

So, here I am again apologizing for my absence. I've been busy with school, and really haven't had any inspiration for any posts, but I'll try to come up with some cool stuff! I promise! But here are a few little things I've been up to, honestly not super cool...haha. But anyway the picture below is of a calzone Cyrous and I made, it looks strange but I promise it's good.
And here is a little painting I was working on
Nail art, which is very cute but SUPER annoying on a daily basis. For example washing hair, anything involving your nails rubbing up against fabric, need I say more? So it only lasted two days before I freaked out and took it off. I know I sound really dramatic but you would too if you were wearing them! But I do love them because they're adorable!
Below is a little video of me cooking the sausage for the calzone!

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