Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Butter Chicken Yum

So, I know I just did a post... but I thought I'd show our yummy dinner Cyrous and I made a few nights ago. We made Butter chicken out of an Indian cookbook which we've used before and that was also good! Butter chicken is practically my favorite food, like seriously. So, we decided to make a homemade version that came out so delicious!!! It's not a typical orangey, colored one that you'd see in a restaurant, but it tastes amazing. I think there are different versions off it from different regions.

Anyway, we also had it with rice that Cyrous made. It's his Persian style rice with potatoes on the bottom of the pot that get crispy along with the rice(which is delicious).

Okay, below is a picture that Cyrous would maybe kill me over if I showed anyone, but it's too funny not to show. I have been begging him for months to let me gel his hair drastically to one side and parted down the middle. Well, he let me do both, and I have so many hilarious pictures, but I thought it would be cruel to post a picture that resembles Dwight Shrute . haha So here's a little glimpse! hahahha


Helga! said...

Ah! I made Chicken Vindaloo from scratch out of an Indian cookbook recently,and whilst it looked nothing like what you would get at a restaurant,it was delish!!

neha said...

Hey! Came across your blog rather randomly. Saw pics of your cozy bedroom. I write about design and would love to do a house tour of your place.. I'm sure it's quite lovely! :)
Let me know!! cheers!
PS: I love how you believe in magic and destiny and true love... I do too!! :) hehe

DIANA DYE said...

Hahahaha!! Cyrous!! this picture just made my day that much better it really did! amazing post♥

miss scarlet said...

yum yum yum feel like indian right now!!

you guys are cute:)

miss sscarlet

Cassidy said...

Oh that looks so delicious!
HAHAHAHHAHAH Dwight! Oh my god I love you for making that reference. I'm so obsessed with the Office.