Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think that the band "the like" are like my long lost fashion sisters. Just look at them.

I'm going to do this with my nails next!
I just had to show this because it makes me laugh and I'm in a creepy mood. P.S. I have 136 followers, why does no one leave me comments? Besides The cool people that do, and to those people who comment on my blog, thank you very much it means a lot!


Heidi said...

Awww sorry.. I'm terrible at leaving comments.. I do enjoy you posts:) and I finally made a comment.. boring but a comment none the less

Sara Bell said...

I choose not to leave you comments because I don't know you at all... and somehow I feel like not leaving comments makes my creeper status okay... though it probably doesn't make a difference either way.

Colleen said...

Wonder Showzen! That stuff is creepy as hell. I like those girls' looks, I wonder if I would like their music too. Makes me want to wear lace to class!

Anonymous said...

Well I see you enough to not leave you a comment!!! But I think the I Hate Homework dude is scary and funny!
Love Soph

nikki said...

hello! i just started reading you so this will be the first of many comments!

pretty pretty blog and i love your style :) your pretty pictures post is brilliant too..hope you don't mind but i wrote about you haha! i just started my blog. not much up there at the moment but you can have a peek if you like,


halloween makeup is fab, can't wait to read more