Sunday, February 10, 2013

Veronica's Blush

So, as you probably already know, M.A.C. Archie's Girls collection just came out on the 7th and I was so excited!!!! First of all who doesn't love M.A.C. also the theme for this collection was so adorable I had to have at least one item from it! So I decided to get the Pearl Matte face powder in the color "Veronica's Blush"

The Pearl Matte face powder is not really a blush, but it can still be used as that. It is supposed to be used as a highlighter, all over powder for a nice pinky glow, or as a light blush! The reason why I picked the Pearl Matte face powder from the Veronica side is because I think my complexion fits better with her colors, in the collection. I really liked the Betty one(which was more coral) but I don't think it would be as good on my skin tone. 
 photo file_zps84dc6168.jpg

 photo file_zpsa1771ad3.jpg

 photo file_zpsdcb1e3fb.jpg

So below, you can see what it looks like, and that it's already been used haha! It's very interesting that this product can have three different color outcomes. The hearts on their own are very pink, the base color is very light and looks more like a highlighter color, and then when you swirl them altogether it's a nice pink that is a little lihgter than the hearts on their own.
 photo file_zps7c5aefb3.jpg

 photo file_zps58d45545.jpg

Here are some swatches!

 photo file_zps729a69bb.jpg

(from left to right: base and hearts swirled together, middle is just the light base color, and then on the far right is just the hearts!)

 photo file_zps325d7559.jpg
Now here is a makeup look I tried to upload a few days ago, but my computer was giving me trouble. I think this pinkish, plum look would be a great Valentine's day look, what do you think? I'm not using the "Veronica's blush" in this look, by the way! Hope you guys like this look!

 photo file_zps58e19681.jpg

 photo file_zps7d5e6990.jpg

 photo file_zps3ab6aea4.jpg

 photo file_zpsc068eb1b.jpg



Keanu said...

you're really exquisitely strange,
honey pie lips

sweet mushroom baby!

you have really great taste and style! love your blog
outstanding personality!!!


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