Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I thought I'd share some of my many images I've collected over, I don't know, weeks! I love collecting images that inspire me, make me laugh, or just smile! So I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as I do! 

I would love my hair to look like this!!! It's my hair inspiration

Another hair inspiration photo, I really like color in hair lately, I would never dye it but I did get some color extensions to put in my hair, which I will take pictures of soon!


I love Conan O'brien!

I can't remember where I found most of these images, if they're anyones, and it offends them let me know and I'll take them off!



inthemovies said...

Inspiring- thanks for sharing !!!

heleen said...

I believe the second to last one is from Stine Sampers, and the last one from Barbara Vidal :)

Anonymous said...

I like the man/cat couple- very strange and emotional.

Claire St Juin said...

OMG your first hair inspiration is freaking amazing... just notifying you that after you become the second person in the world with that hair, I'm right behind you ;-)