Monday, November 16, 2009

Me many years ago!

For lack of anything better to post, I uploaded at ton of pictures of myself as a little one, enjoy! (to see better, click on them! to get bigger!)
My Grandpa and I, I'm wearing all of my princess attire
This was my favorite costume ever!!! My mom made it for me, I think I'm about 4

My sister, and Dad, and me with chocolate all over!
My sister, cousin and me, cracking up at something
Me after a bath, with a flock of seagulls hairdo! 

My sister and I eating breakfast

Me and my Grandma

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad, it's just so cute and funny!
I really wanted that farm! haha
Bunnies and Bats!

I believe I'm a very tiny 5 or 6 year old here!



Isabel said...

Aww, you were so adorable! I should really post some of my old baby pics sometime...

Elizabeth said...

Some of those pictures bring back so many memories. Love how mad you are at trying to keep that barn at the store, and of course the bunny rabbits all lined up ready for TV viewing :) I love the one with dad too!

Anonymous said...

The perfect childhood we all dream of...i'm jealous!

princess steppenwolf said...

aw! you're precious! i love looking at pictures of my sister and i when were were little too (:

kimvee said...

You're so adorable in all of these photos! :) I also love your Elizabeth Taylor/Marilyn Monroe hairstyle in the previous blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Still adorable- you look almost the same ;))

Anonymous said...

I love your spirit, it's adorable!

cerize said...

oooh really cute pics! I love it^^

Bianca and Isabella said...

i am really in love with these photos

Noora said...

You were so pretty! : ) Childhood memories are great, especially I loved the last photo in this post!