Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ipad love

So, some exciting news...I recently bought an ipad 3, and i love it SO much!! It is so amazing and the HD quality is amazing as well! I mainly got it for my illustrations, because there are some really great apps for art and they are not very expensive! I also got a stylus, so I can draw more precisely, and I really like it (it's a Targus, stylus, incase you're interested)
       I got sketchbook Pro, and I can't believe how cool it is, and what it can do!! Below are some things I've been working on, I took a picture of my original sketch with the ipad camera, and put it into the Sketchbook Pro app, and it's so fun to use this medium for a change, instead of gouache and watercolor (even though I still love doing it by hand). Anyway, tell me what you think! If you have this app, do you like it?

~ Caitlin

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