Monday, January 10, 2011


Here's a little picture tutorial for luscious, smooth waves! 
Step 1: I put these two products in my hair, because quite simply, they are amazing! You can use any styling cream that makes your hair shiny, and a thickening spray, for your roots. 
     Step 2: find some rollers! These are vintage ones in an adorable kitty bag, that my sister gave me for Christmas!!!
 Find a nice brush too!
    Step 3: Comb your hair through after you've put the products in!

 Step 4: Part your hair to the side, for a retro look (P.S. the white flecks in my hair are from the styling cream, in case you were grossed out! HAHAHA)
   Step 5: Start rolling pieces of hair, so that they turn under like the picture bellow ☟
   Step 6: find a nice hairspray that you can comb through, this one is a nice one!! And spray all over rollers! And also when you take them out!
   Step 7: Take rollers out and gently comb through with a flat brush, then tousle your hair
  Et, Voila! You will have full, wavy and luscious waves in no time!
   Now onto something else! I got a sephora gift card from my boyfriend's mom! And this is what I bought!!!
~NARS: Orgasm blush
~Urban Decay palette
~And a great foundation brush that I am REALLY loving!!!!!



Colleen said...

I always wondered how you did your hair. Your hair looks so much lighter, did you dye it?

Maddie M. said...

Oh, I love this so much! Thank you! I've wanted curls in my hair without a curling iron for a long time, and this is extremely helpful. : )