Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here are my Christmas Eve and Christmas day photos!!!

 Yummy CRAB

 hehe ATTACK!

 A house we saw, not mine!
 Reenacting childhood memories

 Now for Christmas Day!

 My sister got me this dress and the shoes!!

 Christmas dinner, yum!
 And my mom made this cool center piece!!
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I'll take pictures of the things I got!!!



sacramento said...

My two favourite sisters in the whole planet: inspiring, real, different, creative, marvellous...
Beyond words.
Un abrazo to you both and all the people in you hearts, and may the New Year 2011 bring you all the wonderful things you wish for.

Colleen said...

yay! nothing says christmas like crab and onesies. your hair looks really nice curly.

Cassidy said...

I love all of yours and your sister's outfits! Looks like you had a lovely christmas :)

Marion said...

Hi ! I've just discovered your website, and videos on youtube, and I just want to say that you're really pretty ! I like your clothes and haircuts ! I think I'm becomming a fan :-) I wish I could suceed in doing your hair tutorial.. I'm really working on it. Hope it will works soon ! Anyway, I think you're very talented !
(Sorry for my language, I'm french)

All the best, Marion.

Eva JJ said...

i love you and your sister's look ... so vintage and unique!

Sadie said...

can I ask you where did you girls get those lovely onesies?