Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Start of Summer

Ok, because I'm really bad at uploading pictures on here in order, I'm apologizing in advance for the somewhat random order of the photos. haha, anyway, this week and weekend was very fun!!! First off, I got this hat from Whole Foods, which is pretty random, but who cares it's cute!

Cyrous and I went to Bakesale Betty, which is a yummy place in Oakland!!!!! They have these super yummy chicken sandwiches that are delicious!!!
They're really messy...
We also went to an Asian market, which is always this picture, for some reason I look pregnant, but I'm not.

I took this awkward picture by using the self timer and balancing my camera on a rice bag
Berkeley streets are very wild and unkept looking, it's super cozy

We also found this amazing pool in the UC Berkelet campus which my Cyrous goes too, we really want to swim here but people were looking at us suspiciously
Thrift store
Ok, this is Saturday, and it's so out of sequence it's insane, but I didn't want to re-load them because I'm lazy. and mom, if you're looking at this i high jacked some of your pictures.
This is dinner at Dona Tomas in Oakland, it's the best.

Here we are earlier at the academy of sciences in San Francisco

Albino crocodile or alligator I don't know which



Miss Soggy Smog said...

Ahh!!! I love your look! Your photos are always so much fun. And the ones of you on your sisters blog are so fun too! I love your summer time look!

MissKellie said...

You look adorable, and that dress is so cute!! :D

These pictures make me want to visit San Fran even more now! It seems like such a fun place!

daisymay said...

Amazing hat!!

The Beauty Ally said...

That sandwich looks crazy delicious.

PS - love your skirt with the flower print on it!