Friday, February 19, 2010


So, I have a LOT of pictures of my outfit and makeup today! It seems very narcissistic of me, but oh well. Enjoy! :D

~Dress: Topshop
~Sweater: Gap
~Shoes: Urban Outfitters


LadyDanger said...

Your makeup looks lovely! :) x

Ulrika said...

Lovely makeup!xxx

eva forrester said...

your makeup is so good, you're so pretty! xx

Anonymous said...

Betty boop!

Hannah said...

Hi Caitlin! My name's Hannah, I just found your blog! Wow I adore your style and your hair looks really lovely!
I've just started my own blog, please check it out!

Btw how do I follow your blog? :)
H x

ScorpioSin said...

wow I love the make-up and the whole outfit but those shoes are awesome


kimvee said...

I love the pink bow! Beautiful makeup as always :)