Saturday, October 10, 2009

1940's hair

So, I tried out 1940's wave hair, and I think it turned out pretty well! Here are some outfirs to go along with with the hair!

I don't really like Meagan Fox, and I don't look like her but these two pictures above, I thought looked a little like her.
Here's the technique I used, these alligator clips and some light hold gel and after it dried I brushed it out! Oh, and I also used a curling iron to do the bottom curls of my hair!



CocoCherie said...

I love the glam waves and curls of the 1940's. You did a great job! I like all of your outfits too.

Anonymous said...

You are way prettier and way cooler than that plastic "fox" anyday. I loved your outfits and hairstyle!

Anonymous said...

Definitely cooler than fox:)))
Love your style!!!

poinks said...

very well done ;)

inthemovies said...

You look like Carole Lombard here-

Cassidy said...

gorgeous love :} <3

LanguageTimothy said...

You actually look a little like Regina Spektor too! I LOVE her. Love your look :) xx

maria said...

love the look! i've been trying to do a vintage look similar but its such a long process so i'm going to try it the way you said you did it!