Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back!

Ok, all of these pictures are pretty random but, they are some of my favorite things I've worn this week... 

This is the dress my sister got for me, for my Birthday! Which I ADORE!

And then these short down here, I tried to DIY, and I cut them on the bottom and tried to distress them, and failed, but oh well. I thought I would try, since they are 2 sizes too big, and I have to scrunch them up with a belt. But I'm not sure if I'll wear them.

And then, I got this cool dress/slip from Urban outfitters and wore a cut off shirt from American Apparel under, which I thought looked cool.

This is just a cute picture from the same day, I thought I'd add in.
Oops. here is another picture of the shorts and as you can see I have a huge bruise, which has a crazy story that I will not get into.
I may put some more pictures up of Easter soon too!



Isabel said...

That pink dress is so ethereal! It reminds me of a fairy princess! Love it.

Missy P said...

You're sooo prettty ( i am missmi6 from polyvore btw )
I love your style, awesome pics, and i love your make up here...

kimvee said...

I love love love all of these outfits, especially the black gladiator heels :P

ray said...


i love these and have missed seeing your face!

cannot believe thats missm16 btw!!!!

ThatManJustYawned said...

i really dig the last outfit. and your face for that matter. /creepy stalker mode off