Friday, March 13, 2009

LOTS of NEW looks!

So I tried to "crimp" my hair by putting tons of little braids the day before!
It turned out alright, it looked better right when I took them out but oh well. Anyway, I was trying to go for a mermaid/ creature from the sea look... here are some pictures of it!

Now for the 1940's pinup girl look, I did one victory roll this day, it was the first time I did it, and I think it turned out okay.
Next day, I tried two.
Third day, I curled my bangs and did fake victory curls on the side, they're just pined back, making an illusion of a victory curl.
I got this SUPER cute bra and matching underwear at Target, I thought it went with the whole theme of my hair!

Feather Girl


Thumbelina said...

Oh look at you pretty lady!! I think the braids 'do is my favorite. I really wish I had long hair still so that I could play around with it and mix things up. I think the '40s hair looks perfect on you as well... it really works well with your face shape and complexion <3
Hope you are well dear!

ana b. said...

All your hairstyles are so pretty. I love how you take the time and effort to do them. I just brush my hair and run out the door!!

ray said...

i love the 4x4 picture grid.

very cool


StickyKitten said...

i love how you curled your bangs! they look gorgeous. did you do it with a curling iron?

kimvee said...

I love the hair & the make up. So beautiful :)

Cassidy said...

I'm jealous of your beauty, you are gorgeous!
Those are faboulous eyelashes, where in heavens did you get them? I want a pair!
The hair styles are great too! I wish I could do them but I'm not so good at doing hair...and my hair is very uncooperative. Oh and I just wanted to say that you have beautiful hair!

whiteblankpage said...

you look very pretty

Aliliisa said...

you're as cute as a cupcake :')

Julia.K. said...

I found my crimper a few months back. So of course I crimped my hair. It was pretty fun.