Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some more Inspirational pictures

That make me explode with happiness!

Here are some more of my Polyvore sets!!

She was never the committed type
She was never the committed type - by la femme fatal on
The little Seductress
The little Seductress - by la femme fatal on
Don't Follow her..
Don't Follow her.. - by la femme fatal on
Wild Thing
Wild Thing - by la femme fatal on


elsa said...

The 2nd picture is beautiful, its so peaceful and powerful. I really like the dad and his baby, so cute. xxx

Michelle said...

i love love love these pictures!!! they are all great...but i especially love the one with all the tents! and the top one with the girl and the deer! ooh, and the girl with the big sugar pout!

thanks also, caitlin, for tagging me awhile back, but i did the 4th pic/4th folder tag already ;-)
thanks for thinkin of my little blog though! xo

Monika said...

Wonderful pictures!

Where do you study fashion if you don´t mind me asking?



Caitlin said...

I actually don't study fashion! But I really love it! hehe

Anonymous said...

Love the pink trees.

Danette said...

Love those inspirational pictures.