Sunday, December 14, 2008

Polyvore fun!

She wasn't quite human, she was something else. by la femme fatal

She used to play by all the rules, but not anymore by la femme fatal

She's a looker! by la femme fatal

The pretty little jail bird by la femme fatal

I must say, it was quite magical by la femme fatal

Here she comes by la femme fatal

She's Electric by la femme fatal


ldvnicole said...

you should be polyvore's spokes woman, they would get so many site hits, just from how well you use it!!!!!!!

StickyKitten said...

i love the sunglasses from the 2nd set down! and the frilly ivory skirt in the first!

Isabel said...

Your polyvores are awesome!

multifarious.sapidity said...

just great.
polyvore makes fun :)

Nataly R. said...

these polyvore collages are so inspiring!You are very talented)