Monday, October 13, 2008

Snow White

snow white by girlheart6

Snow White has always been my favorite fairy tale princess, especially when I was little because I felt she was the closest one I could relate to. When I was three, my mom made me a snow white costume that I loved and I wore it almost everyday. Since I am so white I think that if I were any of these fairy tale characters I would be Snow White. I also made an outfit inspired by her as well.


ldvnicole said...

Gorgeous colors!

Elizabeth said...

Cute out fit if you had all those pieces huh?! That picture kills me every time (the tiny Caitlin),because of the sassy face you have in it :)

StickyKitten said...

lovely! you have a great blog! it's really inspiring! =)

Vie said...

Oh, very cool concept on this post! And the outfit is cool, and inspiring. I'm longing for that apple-jewelery, and the shoes and the dress are also wonderful.
I must say I like your blog a lot, think I'll be watching' it (:
May I link you?