Monday, September 22, 2008

Vintage Fair and Cute Doggy

Part of my hat, my sister got me at the vintage fair!

I found some pretty cool stuff in this crazy pile of goodies!

My sister's cute dog Clemintine!

On Sunday I went to a vintage fair in San Fransisco with my sister and mom, it was sooooo fun because there was the coolest vintage stuff ranging from clothes to shoes to eye wear and more! And all of it was amazing! So there are some of my pictures I took!
p.s. my mom has more pictures on her blog at Gossamer Wings so you can see more!


Thumbelina said...
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ldvnicole said...

Clementine looks sooo cute in those pictures, she looks like a stuffed animal!! haah

The hat looks amazing, have you worn it to school yet?

rebekka said...

I saw this on your moms look soooo gorgeous and so does your sister! I'm so jealous of the hats!